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Ancient Egypt Traded with Aliens

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     Many Swiss scientists support the theory that ancient Egypt traded with aliens and claim that they can prove it! “The Martian Civilization destroyed itself or was destroyed by a meteor while Egypt was still in its prime,” said Dr. Stephan Weisz. The scientists also think that the Atlantians/Martians traded the ideas of mummification and building pyramids for gold. The scientists claim that this technology was “unearthly” at the time. These Swiss scientists also claim that the Martians left “their marking” on Earth, and on Mars. The “marking” on Mars has been discovered (the “temples”) but the “markings” on Earth have not been discovered yet.

This group of scientists also believes that the Lost City of Atlantis (witch Egyptians 100% believe in) is on Mars. The reason they think this is because a scroll said a civilization “in the vast, black ocean of space.” They have startling evidence. Witch are “Top Secret” photos taken by the USA of temple ruins on the face of Mars (but many opposing scientists thin that they could just be very interesting rock formations). The Lost City of Atlantis became “Lost” when a meteorite supposedly hit Mars.

The scientists also believe that King Tut died in a space ship crash. The opposing theory is that he died in a chariot crash that opened a giant gash in his leg and got infected. The scientists claim to have found a bunch of Egyptian scrolls describing some kind of “shuttle” containing humans to a “Mother ship.” They also found something that they thought was a glider in King Tut’s tomb, witch they claim is actually is a replica of one of these shuttles. Dr. Weisz said “Researchers have long known that the Egyptians were exposed to flight because an elaborate model of what they called a glider was found in Tut’s tomb,” and for that reason, knows that it is completely possible.

Many scientists disagree with the Swiss scientists. “I don’t doubt that the Egyptians were in contact with extraterrestrials,” said Dr. Seth Rausch “But until we actually inspect the ruins on Mars, there is no way to know if they are the remains of Atlantis. In my opinion, if Atlantis did exist, it existed here on Earth.” Elling Gade completely agreed with Dr. Seth Rausch “Atlantis might have been the colony of an alien civilization. But it most definitely was located on this planet,” he said.


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